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Summer Purnell  _-  Dance2Fit

I am originally from Tennessee and began dance at an early age.  My love of dance continued and this carried into my time as a Buccaneer cheerleader at East Tennessee State University.  I instructed Zumba for five years before discovering Dance2Fit.  After my first class, I was blown by how much fun I had and the unlimited potential Dance2Fit brings.  Not only does Dance2Fit allow instructors to choreograph their own dances, it also allows instructors the freedom to play their own music.  After a year and half as a student, I became a Certified Dance2Fit Instructor, and am the only certified instructor in the Pacific Northwest.  I am passionate about enhancing the quality of lives of the people I encounter through dance and fitness.  I am known for my energetic style of teaching and contagious personality.  I love keeping my class fresh, fun, and challenging!  Expect to work hard, laugh a lot, and feel strong! Come experience an hour of booty-shakin' fun that will leave you drenched in sweat and wanting to come back for more!

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Mary Bess Gloria

Mary Bess Gloria is a naturopathic physician in private practice in Astoria.  Although she wasn’t especially athletic in her younger years, as an adult she discovered the transformational power of exercise in her own health journey.  She has recently taken steps to be able to share that knowledge with others.  She is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a group fitness instructor and is currently enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training program through the College of Purna Yoga.  At Living Fit, she teaches a class for  parents and toddlers called Family-cise.  Using a combination of children’s and popular music, she provides an safe environment for parents to exercise and have social interaction with other parents, all with the kids in tow!  Children are included in some class activities, but also have free play with open-ended toys.  Stay tuned for other classes in the coming year!

Welcome to Living Fit!  My name is Jeane Jensen and I am the owner and founder of Living Fit. The greatest gift I have received from yoga is the realization that yoga will meet you exactly where you are; believe me, I have been numerous different places (and head-spaces) in my life, good and bad, and still yoga met me there.  As you can see, I am a student of yoga, first and foremost, and I believe this has contributed to my teaching style. After all, aren't we all students? Students of yoga? Students of LIFE?  My yoga style has been influenced by many wonderful teachers and styles with an emphasis on Iyengar and Dharma yoga styles.  I am a firm believer that our practice should be SUSTAINABLE throughout our lives so alignment and body awareness play heavily in my classes.  I provide a safe atmosphere where students are encouraged to work within their own limits and to practice mindfully in a way that nurtures their body, mind and soul. 

Living Fit offers a safe and nourishing environment to explore the art of yoga: spiritual awakening, emotional growth, mental focus, and physical health. Our teachers are highly trained and our studio welcomes all with peace and respect.

Welcome to Living Fit Yoga and Fitness!

Lorri Thompson  -- Meditation in Motion

My yoga foundation lies in the Iyengar tradition - an emphasis on alignment, safety, and body awareness.  However, before and since graduating from Pacific Yoga Teacher Training (Seattle) in 2001-2002, I've attended many workshops and teacher training courses over the years enabling me to enhance what I already know and further my learning as I follow my personal path.  My greatest "style" influences are from such nationally-recognized teachers as Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon/David Life, Rod Stryker, Sarah Powers, Darren Main, and David Frawley.  In addition, I read a lot of books, yoga-inspired and otherwise.  I view a great deal of exceptional films and listen to many different genres of music. These inspirations all help inform my teaching style with I have dubbed "intuitive.:

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Jeane Jensen
Owner, Yoga Instructor, Personal Fitness Trainer

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